It's the Law

All dogs in Clark County are required by law to be licensed. Read Ohio Revised Code, Ch 955

Why licensing your dog is important:

  • Buying a license can save your dogs life
  • When local residents find lost dogs they can call the Clark County Dog Shelter or the Auditors office to locate the owner.  A licensed dog has owner contact information available and can provide this information to the dog finder.  In this case your dog never visits the local shelter.
  • If your dog arrives at a shelter with a license you are contacted immediately.  Thousands of dogs are reunited in this way each year.
  • If an animal control officer finds a roaming dog with a license the officer will call the shelter to get owner information and in some cases can directly return your pet.
  • Your dog license shows you care for your pet and lets potential finders know your dog has all required vaccinations.
  • Your license fee helps to support the Clark County Dog Shelter.